Si quieres ser feliz un día, emborráchate. Si quieres ser feliz un año, cásate. Pero si quieres ser feliz toda tu vida, hazte jardinero.

(Proverbio Chino)

Javi Chicheri

Javi Chicheri, Guerrilla Gardener


Welcome to my website!

My name is Javi Chicheri. I am an urban farmer or, as a lot of people call me, a guerrilla gardener.

I have lived in Tenerife, Canary Islands for 6 years, and I absolutely love the place. I cannot imagine living anywhere except on this island paradise. I love everything about this place: the people, the climate, and also the nature—especially the plant life here.

The way I live –as well as the way I earn my living– is by creating urban orchards and gardens. I do this for three different reasons: (a) to make our world more beautiful; (b) to make your business more sustainable; and (c) to be able to live by doing what I love. We all benefit from the first of these objectives, while you benefit from the second, and I from the third.

If my philosophy of life jibes with the philosophy of your business, I would like to invite you to contact me.

But before you contact me, I’m sure you will want to see how the concept of “Urban Gardens” actually works in practice. So please have a look at this short video, where you will see how I transform an empty and lifeless plot of land into a beautiful and practical orchard.

My project is already underway. During the first phase, I offered some business owners who are friends of mine the installation of a garden within their places of business, as you can see in the video. I do this free of charge.

During the current second phase, I would like to offer the installation of the garden at a reduced price—practically at cost. I hope that I will soon enter the third phase (i.e., in which I offer my services at a reasonable profit). But if you decide to come on board now, then only the terms of phase two will apply to you.

If you take up my offer, I can now install your garden at a drastically reduced cost.

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Would you like to have your own Urban Garden at a discounted cost?

Take a few minutes to look through this website. It will show you WHAT AN URBAN GARDEN IS, and what it can do to help your business grow. And if you can spare a few more minutes, you can also learn how we install these gardens, transforming wasted space into a lush and fertile plot.

If you have an unused or underutilized space at your hotel, residential building, garden, restaurant, office, living community—or perhaps even on your rooftop—you can rest assured that an Urban Garden will make that place more sustainable, greener, more dignified, and more beautiful. If you own a restaurant, an urban garden will save you money—while providing the very freshest produce to your customers.

Just imagine how it could be. Then contact me. I am confident that I will be able to offer you a price that fits well within your budget!

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What is an Urban Garden?

Recent years have witnessed a “back to nature” movement. Two important examples of this are the increasing preference for organic foods and the anti-GMF movement. And so what we see is an increasing consumer interest in knowing where food comes from, the ingredients it contains, and how it is prepared. More and more, people are increasingly mindful of what they are putting into their mouths!

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¿Cómo planeo instalar tu huerto urbano?

Con las menores molestias para la actividad y para la clientela, procederemos en tres fases diferenciadas.



Planificamos tu huerto en función de:

  1. la naturaleza de la actividad
  2. la disponibilidad de espacio
  3. el efecto de la órbita solar en el mismo
  4. tus preferencias, recursos y necesidades


Una vez decidido el diseño, seleccionados los contenedores (cajas, macetas, recipientes), escogida la tierra y materiales orgánicos y sus mezclas en función de las especies a cultivar… hacemos realidad el proyecto, de principio a fin y, repito, con las menores molestias posibles para entorno y clientela.



Finalizada la instalación, y según la preferencia, podemos hacer nosotros el mantenimiento periódico o bien asesorar al cliente para que pueda hacerlo él mismo, con la seguridad de hacer lo correcto.