Proyectos - Javi Chicheri

During the first phase of my “guerrilla gardening” venture, I installed gardens free of charge for some personal friends of mine. I am now in the second phase of my project. I have not yet set an end date for this second phase. I am very excited about the possibilities!

During this second phase, I promise to select a few projects from potential clients who place their trust in me. For these persons, I will install an Urban Garden for a drastically reduced price that will essentially cover my own labor and expenses.

Please have a look at the videos of three different “Case Studies” in the following sections, which will give you a quick overview of the process of installing an Urban Garden in different kinds of settings.

An Urban Garden at Mario’s House

This is the house of a very good friend of mine who is a restaurant owner. He has garden plots on one side of his house, as well as a fairly large parterre inside the front gate. These areas had been empty, drab, and unutilized.

I spoke with my friend, and told him about my “guerrilla gardening” project. He and I began to envision areas that were nothing but dry dirt plots suddenly filled with green plants. And just a few weeks after that initial conversation with him, the plots and parterre were green and lush areas, full of plant life.

And my friend is clearly a lot happier than he was before!

A Flowerpot Garden at the Embrujo Restaurant

As you can see in the video, there was very little available space at the restaurant, and the garden that we installed there is very basic. In addition, I used the flowerpots that the restaurant already had on hand.

Anyway, as you can see from my explanation, the work that I did, and the vibrant health of the plants, it is clear that you don’t need a lot of space or luxurious accessories in order to install an attractive and practical garden.

Hotel Vincci, South Tenerife

For now, this project is also not particularly extensive. But it is a good example of the wide variety of places that are conducive to the installation of an Urban Garden. The multiple objectives served in each of these varied places are all the same: sustainability, cost-efficiency, differenciation, and enhanced appearance.

I truly believe that restaurant diners and hotel guests will appreciate both the sight and the meaning of a garden in spaces that had previously been empty and drab. And they will think: “This is a place that I want to come back to.”

Otros Proyectos

Conforme avancemos en la actividad subiremos nuevos videos de mejor contenido.

Lo que sí podemos hacer en esta fase inicial, y precisamente porque estamos en ella, es ofrecer el montaje de tu HUERTO URBANO, si te decides a tiempo, ¡GRATIS!

Así que le invito a ver este video que he preparado para seleccionar 3 casos de éxito, a los que regalaré mi trabajo y les crearé su huerto urbano: hoteles, viviendas particulares, restaurantes, oficinas, azoteas, comunidades de vecinos… tenga el negocio o espacio que tenga, un huerto urbano lo hará: más sostenible, más atractivo y, si se dedica a la restauración ¡ahorrará en costes de materia prima!