What is an Urban Garden?

Recent years have witnessed a “back to nature” movement. Two important examples of this are the increasing preference for organic foods and the anti-GMF movement. And so what we see is an increasing consumer interest in knowing where food comes from, the ingredients it contains, and how it is prepared. More and more, people are increasingly mindful of what they are putting into their mouths!

Having your own readily available produce to use to prepare your meals not only responds to the above concerns, but also differentiates your restaurant’s offerings from those of other establishments.

And, in addition to those benefits, an Urban Garden can also increase your profits by reducing your costs.

And, on top of all that, it can add a distinctive visual appeal to your establishment….

And if this unique visual element smells nice, contains edible products, and is also sustainable…then so much the better!

Your URBAN GARDEN can offer you all of these benefits.